Why Almost All Politicians Are...

Dead Wrong

About How to Keep This Country From Becoming A Total Dictatorship

You're About To Discover The Only Way Back To True Freedom And Liberty In America...

Have you ever looked at the news headlines and wondered how long can America really survive? You probably have some food put away... maybe some gold or silver coins... perhaps even a gun for protection. If you have started a preparedness program... you've done well. You have "eyes to see and ears to hear."

But have you ever wondered about your personal and religious liberty, and whether it will survive? After all, what good are silver and gold in a concentration camp? And if you've ever thought about what kind of America you're leaving to your kids and grandkids, this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here's why:

As America descends into a degenerate and despotic cycle... a bold new program outlines the only way left to save the Republic. It's a proven system that has brought freedom and prosperity every time it's been applied in history. Remarkably, these principles for maintaining freedom have been proven time and again throughout history and yet...

Sadly, not one American in a thousand knows anything about them.

A Nation Adrift

You see, every day the media reminds us that the U.S. hardly resembles the early Colonial period or great Republic formed in 1776.

Indeed, the U.S. is a mere shell of its former self, having been gutted by power-hungry politicians, cash-hungry special interest groups, and socialist "reformers" disguised as liberals, democrats, and progressives.

As history clearly shows, it will only get worse if we sit back and do nothing. Every moment we sit idle, hoping things will change for the better, the godless socialist minions are dismantling our country and building in its place a New World Order – their socialist "utopia."

But the big question is: What should concerned Christian citizens do? How can we possibly take our country back this late in the game?

The good news is it can be done! I will tell you "how" in a few moments. But first I must deliver a clear warning...

As We Move Closer And Closer To Orwell's 1984...

We're Literally Standing on
 the Brink of Tyranny!

All you have to do is look around and read the news to know this is true. The federal government is nationalizing banks, granting itself invasive "emergency powers," and passing laws that give near-total power to do whatever it pleases.

The Army's 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team was deployed inside the United States on a homeland-defense mission after it returned from active-duty combat in Iraq.

These combat-hardened troops are armed and ready, and now stationed within U.S. borders, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice by trigger-happy rulers.

When will the federal government finally turn against us? All it would take is another 9/11 event to declare a "national emergency" and the standing army will be ordered to sweep through major cities to round up "enemy combatants."

Of course, there would be no trials by jury, much less formal charges. If you are labeled an "enemy combatant," you can be detained against your will, denied all communication with the outside, and even...

Scenes Like This Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate...

If such a scenario frightens you (and it should), you're not alone. Many major political thinkers have recognized the danger of large standing armies outside times of war. In fact, in 1789 Thomas Jefferson wrote:

"There are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors that those governors, whether legislative or executive, should be restrained from keeping such instruments on foot but in well-defined cases. Such an instrument is a standing army."

Just imagine: Tanks rolling down your neighborhood streets, black uniformed troops marching behind them, soldiers knocking on doors and searching homes without warrants or even reasonable suspicion.

And imagine yourself being cuffed and forcibly removed from your house as your neighbors watch in shock. You are then transported to an internment camp surrounded by razor-wire fences, never to be heard from or seen again.

It may sound like some crazy Hollywood movie plot, but a chilling scenario just like this may be closer to reality than you (or anybody else) may think.

Case in Point: "Police SWAT Team Holds Family at Gunpoint for 9 Hours"

On December 1, 2008, a police SWAT team raided a local food co-operative in rural Ohio, holding women and children at gunpoint from 11 a.m. in the morning until 8 p.m. at night.

The SWAT team wore riot gear, brandishing automatic rifles, and was armed for a terrorist response. And yet they stormed a private home, held women and children at gunpoint for hours, offered no explanation other than the warrant, did not read the victims their rights, and did not even permit them to make a phone call.

Even worse, the SWAT team seized more than $10,000 worth of goods, including the family's personal stock of food for the coming year. They confiscated all their computers, all their cell phones, and all their business records.

Essentially, the SWAT team terrorized the family, stole their personal belongings, and shut down the food co-op... all based on a technicality that legal experts say doesn't even apply to the co-op.

And this is just one recent example of many flagrant abuses of power by civil authorities.

 Is This Just A Glimpse Of The Future
 Police Brutality
 And Martial Law Coming To America?

For anyone who has "eyes to see," it's clear where our once-great country is headed.

And if Christians don't respond swiftly, rule by brutal force will spread like Hitler's Panzers over Poland.

The climate of fear is already spreading quickly – not on foreign soil, but right here in the United States!

With that in mind, how should we respond? What can we do? In just a moment, I will tell you exactly what we can (and should) do immediately. But first, you need to know how we got to this sorry point. Very simply, we've been fed a bunch of...


From Preachers, Teachers and Politicians

Every concerned and informed Christian wants to do something – anything – to save this country for himself, his children and grandchildren. And rightfully so.

Unfortunately, most of us have been lied to by the people we trust the most. And in spite of the good intentions of a few, most of our pastors, politicians, and professors have provided us with "solutions" that are nothing short of dangerous. Not only flawed and unbiblical, but ultimately doomed to fail.

What we really need is actually quite simple, and it's been staring us in the face since the Pilgrims came to this land. The answer is...

 A Return To The Biblical Principles That Brought Us True Freedom In The First Place!

Right this minute, we are seeing an acceleration of tyranny unprecedented in the history of the United States. And it's happening because most Christians no longer believe in God's Word as the basis of justice. Dr. Joe Morecraft III says:

"The spiritual condition of the church determines the economic, political, and social condition in the nation in which that church exists. So long as the church of God in this country is from backslidden to apostate, I don't think there are any workable answers to the road to serfdom that we are on today."

Said another way, nothing will restore true liberty to the U.S. unless, and until, there is a return to God and His revealed Word.

This is the persuasive case made by great Christian thinkers like R.J. Rushdoony, Dr. Roger Schultz, Herb Titus, Christopher Ortiz, Dr. Joe Morecraft III, Mark R. Rushdoony, and Martin G. Selbrede in the new self-study kit called "Christian Liberty or Martial Law."

As you read and listen, you'll discover things like:

  • Why Martial Law is the unavoidable goal of fallen man
  • How atheists are working to trigger the collapse of law and order in America
  • The one kind of media – now as common as grass in the United States – that is a sure prelude to totalitarianism.
  • Why President Obama received so many "Christian" votes (this alone will explain why we are headed for judgment)
  • A simple "litmus test" to determine the god of any individual, system, or institution. (Even people who claim they have no god do have a god! And you'll know exactly what god it is when you apply this little test.)
  • The dark unstated purpose of public education in America
  • How a belief in evolution leads inevitably to a belief in salvation by revolution
  • How Godless science is leading us down the road of totalitarianism toward a brave, new world of torture and slavery
  • Why Peter and John fought the jurisdiction of the state over the church (99% of churches in America miss this completely)
  • What very specific language the founders put in the Preamble to guarantee freedom (this tiny section built the entire law code in the U.S.)
  • What Jesus really taught about our duty to resist an oppressive state? (a real shocker for any Christian!)
  • Why democracies always, without exception, end up totalitarian
  • What Biblical Pharisees have in common with modern day lawyers, judges, and legislators
  • And most importantly...

Why Atheists in America Love Death!

This point is one of the most shocking of all. Because underneath a humanist's claim to love freedom is actually a person who is in love with death!

After you discover why, you'll go on to learn:

  • The only Biblical way of attaining the blessings of God
  • Why socialism requires the abolition of God – and, indeed, this is its stated purpose!
  • What's the single most important "first step" in turning our country around
  • Why all law is enacted morality (this may be the most important concept you will ever learn)
  • Why the real definition of humanism becomes an all important "linchpin" in freedom
  • Thought Crimes: How the secular doctrine of "academic freedom" is actually one of academic enslavement and humanistic totalitarianism
  • How yesterday's Left became today's Right and why this dangerous turn means total collapse of our country
  • Why local cops are joining the One World Police State in droves
  • How the most important Biblical teaching about liberty was lost
  • Why the modern Church loves big government
  • How an ancient church council in an obscure little town in Turkey in 431 A.D. brought freedom to the world
  • The real reason James Madison believed in the separation of powers and what it means for Americans today (liberals and neocons hope you'll never bring this up)
  • The long forgotten story of why the Colonies declared independence from the King of England (hint: you've never heard this before!)
  • What's the true source of law as established in early America
  • Why the Bible says that upon taking the throne, kings should...

Write Out God's Statutes by Hand!

Most Christians have probably read the Bible verses that tell us to meditate on God's law. The Psalms are full of them. But did you know that a new king was actually commanded to write God's law by hand?

This was God's way of ensuring the new king understood and enforced true justice so there would be righteousness in the land.

You'll also learn fascinating things like this:

  • Three necessary ingredients that, when present in a society, lead inevitably to wealth and prosperity
  • How scientific socialists use language to enslave
  • Why James Madison appealed to God for freedom
  • How Americans have been comfortably acclimated to the Police State
  • How the Republican/Democratic "false paradigm" is destroying America
  • Why the Constitution no longer restrains the bureaucratic power state
  • Why Mike Huckabee had to cut Romans 13 out of his Bible
  • The four causes of judgment and why the U.S. is due for something nasty
  • How America's "pagan passions" are forging America's chains
  • Why Martial Law is only the tip of the iceberg (believe me... it gets worse)
  • How humanism always leads to the use of physical coercive force
  • Why efforts to find "peace and permanent security through politics" has never worked...

And Never Will!

  • What you must teach your children about the true nature of liberty
  • Why Americans secretly want a debauched currency
  • What Christians should do as we witness the collapse of our humanistic system of government
  • Why governments are never above the law and why this matters today more than at any time in history
  • The best way for Christians to reduce the size of government
  • Why liberty always hinges on the doctrine of infallibility
  • When you should obey the civil government... and... when you should disobey.
  • Which self-evident truths are no longer self-evident
  • Why the family will be crushed in the new America
  • What Republican-appointed judges secretly believe about the Bible (I guarantee you will be shocked by this)
  • Biblical ways to bring back freedom that work every time
  • Why the source of law in any society becomes the god of that society
  • How a simple truckers' strike will bring Martial Law overnight
  • And much, much more!

 Americans Are Now Facing A Choice - Christian Liberty or Martial Law?

As you can see, after going through the material included in "Christian Liberty or Martial Law," you will know far more about law and its relationship to liberty than politicians, college professors, prosperity pastors... even law school graduates!

How Much Would You Pay to Help Restore
 Peace and Prosperity to the United States?

The cost of the Christian Liberty or Martial Law self-study kit is normally $99.95. And at that price, it's an excellent value.

You get a 200-page "Law and Liberty" book, plus 6 enlightening audio interviews on CD.

But since I want to get this information into as many hands as possible, I'm offering the kit for just $59.97 – an instant 40% savings for you.

Think about it. You're going to learn what went wrong and how, in no uncertain terms, to do your part to bring things back. You're going to learn what you, your family, your school, your church and even what the civil government should be doing to preserve liberty today and for future generations.

And to make it an even better value, I'm also going to throw in a...

Free "Liberty or Tyranny" DVD When You Order Today!
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Remember the brave Judge who refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from federal property – and was then fired for taking a stand for the Bible?

That man was my friend, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

And in this invigorating 1-hour DVD, you'll watch Moore share his views on modern government and the proper role of God's law. You'll learn:

  • Why there can be no "freedom of conscience" without first recognizing God
  • The 4 distinct phases of government and how each one leads eventually to changing civil government. (Hint: If you want to change your government, you have to start at a much smaller level!)
  • Washington's warnings: What George Washington told us we must resist to preserve our liberty and happiness
  • Every law represents somebody's view of morality. Believe it or not, even abortion represents somebody's view of morality!
  • Did you know? "Separation of church and state" is not found anywhere in the Constitution... and the phrase does not mean that God is not a part of government!
  • Does atheism lead to death by guillotine? Discover how 400,000 people were murdered and beheaded during a bloody revolution when God was removed from government.
  • How Supreme Court Justices are committing treason by blatantly undermining the Constitution and "importing" foreign laws

This $29.00 DVD is yours FREE when you request the "Christian Liberty or Martial Law" self-study kit today. I don't want you to hesitate for even a moment, which is why we offer an insurance policy for your satisfaction in the form of a...

Better Than Risk-Free Guarantee!

We try to run a sincere, pro-freedom business and that's why we are happy to offer a no-nonsense refund policy with a "better than risk-free guarantee."

If, after purchasing "Christian Liberty or Marital Law", you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to our promises or your expectations... or even if you just change your mind and simply "want a refund, " your purchase price will be refunded with a smile.

Simply contact us within 7 days for a prompt and courteous refund... no questions asked.

And, in the unlikely event you do decide to return "Christian Liberty or Martial Law" for a full refund, we invite you to keep the free DVD as a gift. It's our way of thanking you for letting me share these thought-provoking ideas with you.

This way, even if you decide our product isn't right for you, the worst that can happen is you'll still get to keep the DVD absolutely FREE. You get something for nothing. That's why we call it a "better than risk-free guarantee."

Let's Stand Together To Take Back America

Unless concerned Christians like you take action, we may all experience persecution – even death – under a new form of tyranny in the United States.

Please stand with me and other Christian brothers and sisters against the evil powers in high places. Stand with me as we call this nation to repentance and return to God's Word as the basis of justice.

You can take the first step by requesting the "Christian Liberty or Martial Law" self-study kit. Get the book, the audio interviews, and the bonus DVD to see exactly how we got into this mess, where we're headed – and (most importantly) how, together, with God's help we can turn things around for future generations.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours for Christian Liberty,

Bill Heid
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